Raahgiri Day is India’s first sustained car-free citizen initiative that started in Gurgaon on Nov 17, 2013. Its participants have played a major role in making this movement nationally and internationally acclaimed.

Raahgiri Day recently won won the early-bird prize for UL and Ashoka Changemakers: Safer Roads, Safer India Competition and was selected as one of six most innovative solutions in addressing road safety. It was also chosen as the 24 most innovative ideas from urban India that could be pathways for green cities by the Earth Day Network, a Washington based international non-profit organization. In fact Raahgiri Day has been selected among the top 14 experiences in Gurgaon by the Lonely Planet.

The success of Raahgiri Day is now being seen as a national exemplar of an effective sustainable development initiative. Navi Mumbai and Ludhiana have already started replicating Raahgiri Days and this movement has sparked a ray of hope in many other cities in India, who are now realizing that Non-Motorized and Public Transport will be the chosen modes of transportation in future. This was further endorsed by a recent webinar on Raahgiri Day joined by about 61 participants from different cities of India and abroad. The scale of it’s impact was further recognized at a global webinar led by an Americal Research Firm named Low Emissions Development Strategy Global Partnership, where Raahgiri was presented as one of the two global achievements in the field of sustainable transport and what the world could learn from it.

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