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Do you want to become a part of the Raahgiri Day team. If you think any of the volunteer opportunities excite you, please write  to all@raahgiriday.com. Do send a write-up/resume of yourself and let us know what you are interested in.

  • Activity Coordinators – Gurgaon, Dwarka: Your job would be to help Raahgiri Team to help shortlist, plan and coordinate various activities which happens on Raahgiri Day. Should be able to work from home on Internet and Phone for about 2-4 hours a week. Presence on RaahgiriDay is not mandatory but will be nice. Volunteers are required for Gurgaon and Dwarka
  • Raahgiri Day TShirt Sales – Gurgaon, Dwarka: To spread the message of Raahgiri Day and fund its operations we are raising donations through Raahgiri Day T-Shirts at the Raahgiri Day event site. You will be supporting the Raahgiri Team for the same while keeping a track of the inventory, funds and receipts. Volunteers are required for Gurgaon and Dwarka
  • Raahgiri Day Event Supervision – Gurgaon, Dwarka: You will be helping the Raahgiri Team for ensuring that the event is happening as per norms. You should be able to come to the Raahgiri site on most of the Sundays. Volunteers are required for Gurgaon and Dwarka
  • Creative Volunteer: You will be helping the Raahgiri Creative team in designing various banners, posters, etc. and giving finishing touches like logo placement etc. You should be comfortable to use Adobe Illustrator at your home or office
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