RaahgiriDay is a weekly street event which provides citizens with the opportunity to reclaim their streets, connect with their community, celebrate their city and therefore reclaim their lives. The event will take place on all Sundays starting on 17 November 2013 till March 2014. Streets of Gurgaon, will be set aside for citizens to come together in large numbers to use the street for recreation that promotes health, well being, fitness, togetherness and joy.

The name RaahGiri communicates that this is about taking charge of our own journey, of our own streets, of our lives. It has a mystic appeal, creates a sense of curiosity and will connect with today’s children and youth.

The concept is inspired by “Ciclovia” held weekly in Bagota, Columbia and now popular all over the world known by different names viz. Open Streets, Summer Streets, etc.

Key Objectives of Raahgiri Day

  1. Promote Cycling, Walking and use of Public Transport as envisaged in the National Urban Transport Policy and Integrated Mobility Plan for Gurgaon
  2. Re-state and remind its citizens that the streets belong to the people
  3. Promote Healthy living by encouraging an active lifestyle
  4. Create an inclusive community and promote and facilitate social integration
  5. Promote and highlight the environmental issues / concerns

The streets identified for RaahGiriDay will be cordoned off for motorized transport and made safe for the citizens to cycle, walk, run, skate, play and enjoy the streets. The events will be on between 07:00 a.m. and 12:00 noon on all Sundays. On the full event days, stages will be setup at intervals along the route in order to instruct for Zumba, Aerobics and Yoga, etc

Join in and help make Gurgaon a better place.

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